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VOLVO/MACK OBD 16-PIN Truck (2014-2020) – Remote Programming DPF/DEF Only


Necessary Requirements for Remote Programming 

We will need the following: 

– Laptop: Windows 7 or higher, 64-bit with 6GB of RAM

– Interface (a connector from the laptop to the truck): OBD II (16-Pin) Nexiq adapter (Refer to your diagnostic port for the correct one) 

– Program: TeamViewer (to provide remote access)

– Software: Premium Tech Tool (PTT) Software (We will download a complimentary version at no charge)

– Steady Internet


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As a reference, Remote Programming is available for:

– Models: 2014-2020 Volvo/Mack OBD Trucks

– Connector (refer to your diagnostic port): 16-PIN or square/rectangular

– Engine Models: D11,D13,D16, etc…


Remote Programming Details – DPF/DEF ONLY

Remote Programming is available for 2014-2020 Volvo/Mack OBD Trucks with the 16-Pin or square/rectangular connector for the DPF/DEF only (not the EGR).  We will then connect remotely to program your truck for the DPF/DEF, using a laptop, Nexiq adapter, TeamViewer and internet. You will need to ensure that you have “Necessary Requirements”  readily available for Remote Programming.  

Note: The EGR and 7th injector must be in working condition.

Additional Notes/FAQ: 

Software: If you do not have the premium tech tool (PTT) software on your laptop, we may need to install a complimentary version of it before proceeding with programming. (Space required: 20GB)

Appointments: Volvo/Mack OBD (2014 -2020) Remote Programming are accepted between 9:00AM to 12:00PM EST Monday to Friday.

Placing an Order: When placing your order, always make sure you have your truck’s full information handy.  You will need to list its information (year, make, engine model and full vin) upon checkout. Failure to do so may cause you delays. 

After an Order is Placed: We will contact you via email (within 1-3 hours during our hours of operation) with details regarding your order (ie. scheduling, requesting TeamViewer, software installation,…etc). Note, if your order is placed after 3:00PM EST, it will automatically be processed for next-business day.


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