VK-62 CE Emulator (2010-2013 VOLVO EQUIPMENT) H-Series


he Emulator Vk-62 CE is a plug and play device available for 2010-2013 Volvo CE Equipment/Machinery (and some 2014 models) with the H-Series engine for the DPF only (not the EGR).

It is very easy to install.  All you need to do is to unplug the ACM connector (i.e. Aftertreatment Control Module) and plug-in the Emulator VK-62 CE. (Your Emulator VK-62 CE comes with easy-to-follow instructions.)

Category: Volvo Industrial


As a reference, the Vk-62 CE Emulator is available for:

– Models: 2010-2013 Volvo Equipment/Machines (and some 2014 models)

– Connector (refer to your diagnostic port): 8-Pin

– Types: Excavators, Wheel Loaders, Haulers, Skid Steers, Compactors, Excavators, etc…..

– Engine Models (H-Series Only, refer to your engine tag): D4H,D6H,D8H,D11H,D13H,D16H,etc….


Installing our Emulator (VK-62 CE) – DPF ONLY

The Emulator Vk-62 CE is a plug and play device available for 2010-2013 Volvo Equipment/Machines (and some 2014 models) with the H-Series engine. It will program the DPF system (not the EGR) and to solve regen issues. The emulator does not change anything in the ECM, it just bypasses the DPF by simulating the data to the engine computer.

It is very easy to install. Once you receive the Emulator, you will plug it to the ACM (i.e. Aftertreatment Control Module), unplug both upstream and downstream sensors, and then you are ready to test. (Your Emulator VK-62 comes with easy-to-follow instructions.)


Additional Notes/FAQ:

– Placing an Order: When placing your order, always make sure you have your machine’s full information handy.  You will need to list its information (year, make, engine model and full vin) upon checkout. Failure to do so may cause you delays.

– After an Order is Placed: We will contact you via email (within 1-3 hours during our hours of operation) with details regarding your order (ie. confirmation of shipping address, etc). Note, if your order is placed after 3:00PM EST, it will automatically be processed for next-business day.


Necessary Requirements

You must have access to the following below to use any of our products or services:

– Laptop: Windows 7 or higher, 64-bit with 6GB of RAM

– Interface (a connector from the laptop to the truck): Nexiq adapter (Refer to your diagnostic port for the correct one)

– Program: TeamViewer (to provide remote access)

– Steady Internet


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