VK-62 Emulator Truck (VOLVO/MACK 2014-2018)


Installing our Emulator (VK-62)

Our Emulator deletes DPF and DEF (No EGR).

You will plug the Emulator to the ACM, disconnect your Nox sensors; then you ready to test.

If all is well and you are satisfied with the results; you can proceed to drill 15×1” diameter holes through the filters (or remove the filter and put a muffler on instead).  You can test your truck for approx. 400miles no more than two days, before you have to do this step.

The emulator does not change anything in ECM, it just bypasses the DPF/DEF by stimulating the data to the engine computer.

Category: Volvo & Mack


Our Emulator Vk-62 is a plug and play device.

It is very easy to install.  All you need to do is to unplug the ACM connector and plug-in the Emulator VK-62. (Your Emulator VK-62 comes with easy-to-follow instructions.)


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